This Jarrah entertainment unit was constructed using a mix of solid timber and timber veneer panels to produce this elegant piece of furniture. Handcrafted Jarrah Buffet curved doors burl inlay

The top is solid Jarrah and the cabinet was constructed using Jarrah veneer board with solid timber edges. The curved doors were constructed by laminating thin layers of Jarrah veneer, with the top and bottom curved frame cut from solid Jarrah .

The drawer fronts have a Jarrah Burl insert, the burl is cut into thin veneers of approximately 2mm and laminated to a Jarrah panel.

As you can see from the photo below , that the internal drawer on the ends was also curved to maximise storage .The drawers boxes were also mounted on soft  handcrafted curved Jarrah drawer burl inlayclose concealed runners for smooth opening ,with no unsightly visible runner.

The Danish oil was use to enhance the rich Jarrah colour and give depth to the burl.




Client Feedback –


We knew that we wouldn’t be able to just go out and buy a unit that would fit the stereo equipment and include cupboard space to fit our old record collection.  And to fit the space that we had available.

But that is what we have  – built for us – made to measure by Gary with the added bonus of beautiful jarrah burl drawer fronts  and hand crafted jarrah door/drawer handles. Gary is able to turn your vague ideas into something  beautiful.

Thanks Gary

Karen & Paul Mahar



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