This piece of furniture was constructed using solid Jarrah salvaged from a barn that was dismantled due to safety reasons on the clients property in the Bickley Valley . The timber is estimated to be over 100 years old with some of the timber rumoured to have once been a Perth dance floor.Recycled Jarrah Entertainment TV Sterio unit low line

Timber of this age is well seasoned and usually has a deep rich colour, as seen in these pieces of furniture .

The design of the unit was a joint effort between the clients and myself to the existing furnishings.

After selecting the best sections of timber, a metal detector was used to locate nails that had corroded over time or left behind during the dismantle. This process is very slow and it took approximately 2-3 days to detect and de nail the timber needed for this unit.

After de-nailing, the timber is then re-machined ,cut to size and finger joined into panels for cabinet construction.

A square frame with a flat panel was use to construct the doors and drawer fronts insuring that the recycled timber itself was the main feature. The internal solid Jarrah drawer boxes were mounted on soft close concealed runners,maintaining the traditional look while using the latest runners available.

A Danish oil was used to seal the timber, leaving the nail holes and gum veins unfilled to achieve a rustic but smooth finish.

Pictured below are two smaller units that were also constructed in the same style for either side of the dinning room fire place.

Recycled Jarrah Hall Cabinet

Recycled Jarrah Hall Table


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